29 pensieri su “Il mio Halloween: Dolcetto & Scherzetto

    • Well, I was just kidding about Halloween, and my joke isn’t easy to explain. First you need to know that “dolcetto o scherzetto” is the italian formula for “trick or treat”: therefore, the “scherzetto” refers to a threat to perform mischief if no candy (“dolcetto”) is given.
      The italian word “dolce” is an adjective that means sweet, but also a noun that generically indicates a sugary food, for example a cake, a cookie or a candy. “Dolcetto” is a diminutive of “dolce”, but also the name of a vine grown in Piedmont (I’m Piedmontese 🙂) and from which a good table wine of the same name is obtained. It is a dry wine, not a sweet one.
      “Scherzetto” is the diminutive of the Italian word “scherzo”, which means joke but also trick, ruse, deception. Moreover, Scherzo is the internationally used italian name of a well-known musical form; some musicians, such as Jacques Ibert, wrote small-sized Scherzos, titling them Scherzettos (= little Scherzos).
      And here’s my joke: for Halloween I wanted to have both the Dolcetto (the wine) and the Scherzetto (Ibert’s piece) 😉

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