Fair, if you expect admiring

Thomas Campian (o Campion; 1567 - 1620): Fair, if you expect admiring, ayre (pubblicato nel Third Booke of Ayres, 1617, n. 8). Nigel Rogers, tenore; Desmond Dupré, liuto.

Fair, if you expect admiring,
Sweet, if you provoke desiring,
Grace dear love with kind requiting.
Fond, but if thy light be blindness,
Fair, if thou affect unkindness,
Fly, both love and love’s delighting.
Then, when hope is lost and love is scorned,
I’ll bury my desires, and quench the fires that ever yet in vain have burned.

Fates, if you rule lovers’ fortune,
Stars, if men your powers importune,
Yield relief by your relenting.
Time, if sorrow be not endless,
Hope made vain, and pity friendless,
Help to ease my long lamenting.
But if griefs remain still unredressed,
I’ll fly to her again, and she for pity to renew my hopes distressed.

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