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      • Ah, I am the opposite! My only proper training in classical was 13-16, for my competitive exams. My other exposure, apart from that, was all contemporary. But I am now 52 and…the music stayed with me. I was very lucky with the pieces I studied, because I enjoy most of them as much now.

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        • I was born and spent my early childhood in the countryside: my father was a country doctor; he loved classical music, so I started listening to that kind of music since I was a child. Later I studied history and philology, with particular interest in early music; when I was 23 I joined the editorial staff of an italian publishing house and gave my contribution to the publication of a musical encyclopedia, the Dizionario Enciclopedico Universale della Musica e dei Musicisti, also known as DEUMM. Now I am retired, and love to make known all that I learned through passion and work 🙂

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