Woefully arrayed

William Cornysh jr (1465 - 1523): Woefully arrayed, carol a 4 voci su testo attribuito a John Skelton (1460 - 1529). Stile Antico.

Woefully arrayed, my blood, man,
for thee ran it may not be nayed; my body, blo and wan,
Woefully arrayed.
Behold me, I pray thee with all thy whole reason
and be not hard-hearted, and for this encheason,
sith I for thy soul sake was slain in good season.
Beguiled and betrayed by Judas’ false treason,
unkindly entreated
with sharp cord sore fretted,
the Jews me threated.
They mowed, they grinned, they scorned me,
condem’d to death as thou may’st see.
Woefully arrayed.

Thus naked am I nailed, O man, for thy sake.
I love thee, then love me. Why sleepst thou? Awake,
remember my tender heartroot for thee brake.
With pains my veins constrained to crake.
Thus tugged to and fro,
Thus wrapped all in woe,
whereas never man was so
entreated. Thus, in most cruel wise,
was like a lamb offer’d in sacrifice.
Woefully arrayed.

Of sharp thorn I have worn a crown on my head.
So pained, so strained, so rueful, so red.
Thus bobbed, thus robbed, thus for thy love dead;
unfeigned, not deigned my blood for to shed.
My feet and handes sore
the sturdy nailes bore,
what might I suffer more
than I have done, O man, for thee?
Come when thou list, welcome to me!
Woefully arrayed.

14 pensieri su “Woefully arrayed

  1. che meraviglia!!!! davvero straordinario! mi ricorda gli avori (sigh…) intagliati inglesi che decoravano le corti bordolesi nel sedicesimo secolo, sono di una bellezza inarrivabile, tutti al Musée d’Aquitaine di Bordeaux. Grazie dell’ascolto, molto ispiratore

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