Ask what thou wilt, and take it

Thomas Morley (c1557 - 1602): Phillis, I fain would die now, madrigale a 7 voci (dal First Book of Ballets, 1595). The Consort of Musicke, dir. Anthony Rooley.

Phillis, I fain would die now,
  O, to die what should move thee?
For that you do not love me.
  I love thee, but plain to make it,
  Ask what thou wilt, and take it.
O sweet, then this I crave thee,
Since you to love wilt have me,
Give me in my tormenting
One kiss for my contenting.
  This unawares doth daunt me,
  Else what thou wilt I grant thee.
Ah Phillis, well I see then,
My death thy joy will be then.
  O no, no, I request thee,
  To tarry but some fitter time and leisure.
Alas, death will arrest me,
You know, before I shall possess this treasure.
No no, dear, do not languish,
Temper this sadness
For time and love with gladness,
Once ere long will provide for this our anguish.

Phillis, I fain