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Folksongs: Bushes and Briars

Per Paola (buon compleanno!) e Carole.

Anonimo: Bushes and Briars, canto tradizionale inglese. Alfred Deller, controtenore; Desmond Dupré, liuto.
La «scoperta» di questo brano si deve a Ralph Vaughan Williams, che l’udì cantare da un pastore nell’Essex e ne pubblicò un arrangiamento per coro maschile a 4 voci a cappella nel 1908.

Through bushes and through briars,
I lately took my way;
All for to hear the small birds sing,
And the lambs to skip and play.

I overheard my own true love,
Her voice it was so clear;
Long time I have been waiting
For the coming of my dear.

Sometimes I am uneasy
And troubled in my mind;
Sometimes I think I’ll go to my love
And tell to him my mind.

And if I should go to my love,
My love he will say «Nay»;
If I show to him my boldness,
He’ll ne’er love me again.

L’arrangiamento di Vaughan Williams eseguito da The Gentlemen of St. John’s.

RVW, Bushes and briars

Air italien(ne)

Johann David Heinichen (1683 - 16 luglio 1729): Concerto grosso in sol maggiore S 213 (c1720). Musica Antiqua Köln, dir. Reinhard Goebel.

I. (Allegro)
II. Larghetto [2:41]
III. Allegro [5:46]
IV. Entrée [9:02]
V. Loure: Cantabile [10:38]
VI. Air italienne (sic!): Allegro [12:20]

Air italienne