Folksongs: The Tailor and the Mouse

Anonimo: The Tailor and the Mouse. Alfred Deller, controtenore; Desmond Dupré, liuto.

There was a tailor had a mouse,
  Hi diddle um come feed-al,
They lived together in one house,
  Hi diddle um come feed-al.

Chorus :
  Hi diddle um come tarum tantrum,
  Through the town of Ramsey,
  Hi diddle um come over the lea,
  Hi diddle um come feed-al.

The tailor thought his mouse was ill,
He gave him part of a blue pill.

The tailor thought the mouse would die,
He baked him in an apple pie.

The pie was cut, the mouse ran out,
The tailor followed him all about.

The tailor found his mouse was dead,
So he bought another one in his stead.

E anche questo è dedicato a chi l’apprezzerà come nessun altro 😀