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Vera Ivanova: Six Fugitive Memories per pianoforte (2015). Nadia Shpachenko.

These short miniatures represent six dedications to composers who have anniversaries in 2016, when this cycle to be premiered by the pianist Nadia Shpachenko. I decided to remove my compositional style and instead recall through quotations and allusions the pieces of composers to whom each miniature is dedicated.
1. Composition No. 1 quotes Galina Ustvolskaya’s (1919-2016) Composition No. 1 (Dona nobis pacem) for piccolo, tuba and piano and stylistically alludes to her Piano Sonata No.6.
2. Fugitive No. 2 [2:17] pictures Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) and his piano works (Fugitive Visions; Piano Sonatas No. 2, 3).
3. No “N” [3:14] is a portrait of Morton Feldman (1926-1987) and alludes to the structural principals of his Vertical Thoughts and Triadic Memories.
4. Quasi una ciaccona [6:33] is a dedication to Sofia Gubaidulina (b. 1931) and quotes her Chaconne.
5. Cimbalom Játék („Playing Cimbalom”) [8:28] is a dedication to György Kurtág (b. 1926), who often used this national folk instrument in his music.
6. Debutie [12:03] is combining composers’ last names and quotes Claude Debussy’s (1862-1918) Prelude Voiles and Éric Satie’s (1866-1925) Gymnopedie No.1 in a manner of a careless collage, which concludes this cycle of memories.

Vera Ivanova