Dolce Kate

Robert Jones (c1577-1617): Sweet Kate, da A Musicall Dreame, or the Fourth Booke of Ayres (1609). Alfred e Mark Deller, controtenori; Desmond Dupré, liuto.

Sweet Kate
Of late
Ran away and left me plaining
I cried,
«Or I die with thy disdaining.»
«Tehehe» quoth she,
«Gladly would I see
Any man to die with loving.
Never any yet
Died of such a fit;
Neither have I fear of proving.»

I find
thy delight is in tormenting:
I cried,
«Or I die with thy consenting.»
«Tehehe» quoth she,
«Make no fool of me!
Men I know have oaths of pleasure;
But their hopes attain’d,
they bewray they feign’d,
And their hopes are kept at leisure.»

Her words,
Like swords,
Cut my sorry heart to sunder
Her flouts
With doubts
Kept my heart’s affections under.
«Tehehe» quoth she,
«What a fool is he
Stands in awe of once denying»
Cause I had enough
To become more rough;
So I did. O happy trying!

Robert Jones - Sweet Kate

2 pensieri su “Dolce Kate

  1. Sembra di essere in un’altra epoca.
    Grande grande “Sweet Kate” con il suo dialogo.
    Sento il volo lievissimo di queste voci “magiche” che si rincorrono…
    E il liuto del bravissimo Desmond Dupré.
    Da gustare tutto tutto.

    Buona serata, Claudio, e grazie. 🙂
    Carezza dolce a Puck.

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