A Musicall Banquet – III

John Dowland (1563 - 1626): Lady if you so spite me, ayre. Martyn Hill, tenore; Anthony Rooley, liuto; Trevor Jones, viol.
Il brano fu pubblicato dal figlio del compositore, Robert (1591 - 1641), nella raccolta A Musicall Banquet. Furnished with a varietie of delicious Ayres, Collected out of the best Authors in English, French, Spanish and Italian (Londra 1610).

Lady if you so spight me,
Wherfore do you so oft kisse and delight mee?
Sure that my hart opprest and overcloyed,
May breake thus overjoyde,
If you seeke to spill mee,
Come kisse me sweet and kill mee,
So shal your hart be eased,
And I shall rest content and dye well pleased.

Dowland, Liyssm