In pride of may

Thomas Weelkes (1576 – 1623): As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending, madrigale a 6 voci. The King’s Singers.

Weelkes: O Care, thou wilt despatch me, madrigale a 5 voci. The Consort of Musicke, dir. Anthony Rooley.

O, Care, thou wilt dispatch me,
If music does not match thee.
Fa la la.

So deadly dost thou sting me,
Mirth only help can bring me.
Fa la la.

Weelkes: In pride of may, madrigale a 5 voci adattato per ottoni e interpretato dall’ensemble Canadian Brass.

In pride of may the fields are gay,
the birds do sing, do sweetly sing.
Fa la la la la la.

So nature would that all things
should with joy begin the Spring.
Fa la la la la la.

Then Lady dear do you appear,
in beauty like the Spring.
Fa la la la la la.

I well dare say the birds that day
more cheerfully will sing,
Fa la la la la la.