Faire, sweet, cruell

Thomas Ford (c1580 - sepolto il 17 novembre 1648): Faire, sweet, cruell, ayre (da Musicke of Sundrie Kindes, 1607). Victoria Cassano, soprano; Javier Ovejero Mayoral, liuto.

Faire, sweet, cruell, why doest thou flie mee,
Goe not, oh goe not from thy deerest,
Though thou doest hasten I am nie thee,
When thou see’mst farre then am I neerest,
  Tarrie then and take me with you.

Fie, fie, sweetest here is no danger,
Flie not, oh flie not loue pursues thee,
I am no foe, nor forraine stranger,
Thy scornes with fresher hope renewes me,
  Tarrie then and take me with you.