Welcome, black Night

John Dowland (1563 - 1626): Welcome, black Night, part-song (pubblicato in A Pilgrimes Solace, 1612, n. 20). The Consort of Musicke (voce solista Emma Kirkby) dir. Anthony Rooley.

Welcome black Night, Hymens faire day,
help Hymen Loves due debt to pay,
Loves due debt is chaste delight,
which if the turtles want to night,
Hymen forfets his Dietie,
and night in love her dignitie.
Help, help blacke night Hymens faire day,
Help Hymen Loves due debt to pay.

Chorus :

Hymen, O Hymen, myne of treasures more divine,
what dietie is like to thee that freest from mortalitie?

Stay, happy paire, stay but a while,
Hymen comes not, love to beguile,
These sports are alluring baites,
And sawce are to Loves sweetest Cates:
Longing hope doth no hurt but this,
It heightens Loves attained blisse.
Then stay (most happie) stay a while,
Hymen comes not, Love to beguile.