Tre in una

Thomas Ravenscroft (c1582 - c1633): A round of three country dances in one, da Pammelia (1609), eseguito da Donna Stewart e i suoi Doppelg√§nger ūüôā
Ecco un esempio significativo della maestria di Ravenscroft, che costruisce un round (canone) innestando sopra un ground di sua invenzione, con questo testo:

Sing after fellows as you hear me,
A toy that seldom is seen-a:
Three country dances in one to be,
A pretty conceit as I ween-a.

tre diverse country dances, e cioè Robin Hood, The Cramp e Tom boy Tom:

1. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, said Little John,
Come dance before the Queen-a
In a red petticoat and a green jacket,
a white hose and a green-a.

2. The cramp is in my purse full sore,
No money will bide therein-a,
And if I had some salve therefore,
O lightly then would I sing-a.
Hey, ho, the cramp-a.

3. Now foot it as I do Tom boy Tom,
Now foot it as I do Swithen-a,
And Hick, thou must trick it all alone,
Till Robin come leaping in between-a.

Bravissima anche Donna Stewart, ça va sans dire.