Il tempo si è fermato

John Dowland: Time stands still. Emma Kirkby, soprano, e Anthony Rooley, liuto.

Time stands still with gazing on her face,
Stand still and gaze for minutes hours and years, to her give place:
All other things shall change but she remains the same,
Till heavens changed have their course and time hath lost his name.
Cupid doth hover up and down blinded with her fair eyes,
And fortune captive at her feet contemn’d and conquered lies.

When fortune, love, and time attend on
Her with my fortunes, love, and time, I honour will alone,
If bloudless Envy say, Duty hath no desert.
Duty replies that Envy knows herself his faithfull heart,
My settled vows and spotless faith no fortune can remove,
Courage shall show my inward faith, and faith shall try my love.


2 pensieri su “Il tempo si è fermato

  1. John Dowland è irlandese, secondo me!
    Questa meraviglia sa tanto d’Irlanda!

    Fermo il tempo e resto ad ascoltare.

    Grazie, Claudio.

    La voce ed il suono del liuto si fondono quasi.

    Un sorriso

    Mi piace

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